Factory Floor is the last single off of Windows' debut album Limited Time Offer. It originally appeared on their debut EP Exile, but with a mastering difference.


The band claims the song has had no definite meaning, that it was meant to be more of a visual affair with a music video planned specifically for it. On the lyrics, co-frontman Gina Vendetti claimed that they came to her whilst she was in juvenile hall, and that they were mostly influenced by Victor Salva's criminal doings.

Music Video

The video was directed by Mick Olszewski and was based on a scene from Toy Story 2 (the toy repair man scene.) The video garnered heavy airplay on MTV2, which enabled the band to earn mainstream popularity. They wanted to involve Nathan Forest Winters, but changed their mind at the last minute out of respect for his personal welfare.

It centers on an elderly man finding a toy in an alleyway and restoring it, but being unable to get rid of one aspect, a cold stare that reflects years of poor handling and numerous faint gashes from years of abuse. Intercut is scenes of the toy getting abused by its former owners which simulate the more toxic living experiences of struggling celebrities, all done via stop motion. The band is seen performing the song in a stage fashioned like a music box, with an audience of plasticine figures and vintage toys. The video ends with the band members and the toy each getting put into a display case.